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Shivaay (2016) HDRip 720p [750 MB] x264

Shivaay (2016) HDRip 720p x265 Hevc [1.5GB] Full Movie Download

Shivaay (2016) HDRip 720p [750 MB] x264



Director: Ajay Devgn
Writer: Sandeep Shrivastava (screenplay)
Stars: Ajay Devgn, Erika Kaar, Abigail Eames
Genres: Action | Adventure | Drama | Thriller
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Runtime: 169 min
Shivvay is a well-known mountain tracker in Himalayas on one of his adventure he meets Olga and both fall in love soon they discover Olga is pregnant but she doesn’t want the child but Shivvay convinces her to give birth to the baby,Olga leaves the country after giving birth to her baby without even seeing her,9 years later Shivvay’s daughter Goura finds that her mother is still alive and lives in Bulgaria.Goura is upset on Shivvay for hiding about her mother and insists on meeting her.Shivvay and Goura travel to Bulgaria to meet Olga where he exposes a child trafficking racket next he goes to meet Olga but finds she no more stays out there and takes the help of Indian embassy to find her on their way Goura gets kidnapped by the child trafficking gang and Shivvay is left helpless as the Bulgarian police frame him of being child trafficker.

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